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Oct 30, 2012 7:00pm EDT
airline before leaving, and the federal government, most local governments and schools say they will open at the regular time tomorrow. think of old town alexandria or georgetown when we talk about the storm surge and the flooding. in fact we have a crew watching high tide in old town right now. >> they are also playing very close attention to the river up in frederick. that's where our ryan dean is live monitoring the flooding there. ryan? >> reporter: good evening to you. actually a trail that goes down to the river, this trail has been cut off because the river has spilled out of its bank. to give you an idea. those trees down there, the river is supposed to be ten feet passed that. now it has gushed over its bank and it's creeping towards the historic battlefield and mill run by the national park service has water almost touching it. this is the worst it will get, because the river will crest and start receding in about an hour. right now it's at 21 feet, 6 feet above flood stage. i'm told by locals only a few homes are along the river. we received this photo from a homeowner that li
Oct 31, 2012 7:00pm EDT
. they are asking the federal government to get some portable generators out here. >> thank you for giving us a pulse on how they are faring up north. >> and while new york city is reeling, there are signs of recovery. they have limited subway service tomorrow. city buses and two of the three airports are up and running and for the first time this week the new york stock exchange opened today. the engineers are still trying to figure out to how take down the dangling crane in manhattan. >> this river crested at six feet above flood stage. wind was the biggest problem in brunswick. most of the city still in the dark and residents there trying to deal with a downed trees that are all over the place. >> and didn't dominion virginia power trying to get the last of the customers back online and as of now there are 5800 customers still without power in northern virginia. >> i'm surae chinn where dominion power is still trying to get thousands of people back online. it is a welcome sight to residents after sandy's destruction. >> we have here what was a real quagmire. >> the more damage, the longer
Nov 2, 2012 7:00pm EDT
government is ignoring them. >> no one has really been here to help us. we need help. >> reporter: this distribution site in staten island relies on donations and people bringing in everything from clothes to blankets to much needed food. in manhattan, gas lines stretch for blocks for cars and containers. >> you've got get gas, you've got to wait, right? >> reporter: but there is some good news for drivers. the holland tunnel has reopened for commercial vehicles and buses. cbs news, staten island, new york. >>> now a bit more on that canceled marathon. the folks who were helping with the race have shifted their focus. now they're helping out of town runners who no longer need their hotel rooms to donate those rooms to families who have been displaced by the storm. we want to know what you think. was new york city right by canceling that marathon? a lot of folks had already gone up there if they were going to do that shouldn't it have been done days ago? drop us a line, we may get to your comments on the air monday evening. >>> okay, how does $50 for five gallons
Oct 29, 2012 7:00pm EDT
county. also the federal government will be closed tomorrow as will most school systems in our area including d.c., alexandria and fairfax, prince george's, charles, frederick and montgomery county schools there. we see bruce johnson getting ready to talk to us from rehoboth. you can see the whole list of school closings at >> as you might imagine, all the flights at the local airports have been canceled until further notice, as has the vre, mark rail, amtrak train -- marc rail, amtrak trains and that's for tomorrow. we also know metro will not have service in the morning. they will reassess and decide later on when the subway and buses will start to run again, but as of now you should be at home. >> that's right. they're not going to make that decision to get them running again until they see what the weather brings. they are at the mercy of mother nature as they said. >> we all are, quite frankly, looking at some of the strongest winds beginning to move into the metro area. let's start with the wind gusts. so far we've had wind gusts 55 at national, down last hour t
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4